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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Created by Mdk7

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Feminists: Abolish gender roles! Girls can like masculine things and boys can like feminine things!

*a group of men unashamedly loves a cartoon made for little girls*

Feminists: DISGUSTING youre invading a space that doesnt belong to you and SOILING IT with your MASCULINITY you fedora wearing neckbeards!

If you still think feminist dislike bronies simply because they’re males, you have a shit-ton of learning to do

i love how OP forgot what actually happened at the start with female fans of the older generations being super welcoming and stoked at the sudden influx of male interest in the show and their hobby since we all thought it would help destroy the idea that anything super feminine wasn’t meant for men and could be an equal platform for all genders.

OP forgot how hopeful and gravely mistaken we all were.

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Spooky Phantump by request (x)
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Harley and her pups! Girls and puppy kisses are very important to me.
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Five Nights At The Room.
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FIGHT LIKE A PRINCESS!So this was inspired by the tough princess’s in popular culture, it was originally suppose to be an entry into a welovefine contest.. but they accepted it and then a month later told me they couldn’t accept it anymore…  I get why they couldn’t put it up for rating with all the copyrighted characters, which i totally spaced out on when drawing. Yeah!
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