So, my mom and I argue about the South Park movie for the millionth time.
  • Me: Alright, so let's agree that in musicals the cast perform songs that either A) Move the plot along in some way, B) Give us insight to a character's emotions, and/or C) Build up to a crucial point on the story. Yes or yes?
  • Mom: Yes.
  • Me: So BECAUSE OF THAT we technically can't consider stuff like Help! to be a musical since it's just Beatles music thrown into a story. AND YET a good lot of people still consider it to be a musical. The very same goes for A Hard Day's Night.
  • Mom: Arguable but okay, I will accept that.
  • Me: SO TAKING ALL OF THAT INTO CONSIDERATION the South Park movie features musical numbers to do all that I've just mentioned. It's not just songs thrown in there that do nothing, they actually move the story along.
  • Mom: Yeah. no. It's not a musical.
  • Me: NO. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't dismiss it of its' genre.
  • Mom: It's not a musical.
  • Mom: Go to your room. You're grounded until you agree with me.

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    2. atcdblu said: My dad used to argue that he didn’t like musicals, in spite of all the ones he loved. Then he’d say ‘Well Fame isn’t a musical because the reason they’re singing is it’s a performing arts school, it makes sense in-universe’
    3. danger-kitten said: Shes wrong, doesn’t matter if its good or if she likes it, its a musical. Though Repo! is technically not a musical its an operetta but either way shes wrong.
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      Time to change tactics! It’s an operetta. (ETA: And now I’m imagining South Park: The Operetta, feat. the Ghosts of...
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