Okay, real talk on the Brony Documentary

It was rubbish.

That is the short version.

The long version is this rant.

You see, I could go on and on about how the camerawork was awful, the people cringe-worthy, and the experience unpleasant, but I just want to try to focus on the overall tone of the documentary.

It was basically “we are such a big deal and we are super special and we are all pretty much better than you.”

NOW we all kind of figured it would turn out this way since it’s a frickin’ DOCUMENTARY on a fandom, but I honestly didn’t think it would be this bad.

Various men talk about how they’re “oppressed” for liking the show and how they view the whole Brony phenomenon as a remarkable thing. They pretty much state over and over again “hey we like something we’re NOT supposed to like, we demand an award.”

WEIRDLY ENOUGH for a Documentary on the fandom, there is no talk of any history on how the fandom came to be. We all know that it was mostly due to /co/ that ponies began to be this huge thing, but I guess those working on the documentary think themselves too highly of the fandom’s shitty startup.

Instead, they wind up focusing on the fandom’s current shitty standing.

They follow a handful of Bronies and ,while some of them were interesting to hear about (Tombstone and that couple), most of them were just groan-worthy examples of taking a simple thing way too damn seriously.

Again, they spend a good amount of the time telling you how hard it is to be a Brony and why they’re the best thing ever.

They show a lot of convention footage, but never tell us about the actual conventions or how they were started up. Hell, it’s only because I know some of the staff that I was able to recognize GalaCon.

But, alright, the main focus is on the people - not the cons.

Yes, the wonderful people who make up this rich fandom.

Shining individuals like Purple Tinker, Sethisto, and various other people who I wouldn’t see fit to mention in a paragraph, let alone the actual documentary.

There were also interviews with a myriad of other men who would tell us, AGAIN, why Bronies are so great and why they are just so special.

Men, mind you, no women. No, of course not, because that would make the men slightly LESS special. Granted they talked to a COUPLE of women, but hardly any (besides PT) had more than two minutes of screen time.

Oh, but thankfully Tara showed up to remind us that women do exist. Yes, she shows up as some pony temptress and flashes her pony ass, but she’s also here to remind you that women are only good for one thing.

How silly of you to even assume that women have any part in anything ever.

And how silly of them to avoid mentioning that the show was founded on strong feminist beliefs and on the fact that there is more than one way to be a girl.

But again, females = little to no importance.

Actually, and thinking about it carefully, the documentary did its job and showed us exactly what the pony community is about.

It’s about

  • A huge sense of self-importance
  • An amazing amount of hypocrisy
  • Enough arrogance to last us a lifetime
  • More entitlement than has ever been seen
  • And an absurd amount of misogyny 

So congrats to you, Brony Documentary filmmakers, you have managed to capture how truly shitty the community is by making a truly shitty movie.

way 2 go

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