One of the lesser addressed questions about Down With Molestia that I’ve seen is “Why now? Why, after this blog being out for more than two years, are people suddenly against it?”
The answer is that a good amount of people have ALWAYS been against the blog, it’s message, and it’s portrayal of rape and/or molestation.
HOWEVER whenever someone would actively speak out against it they would instantly get bombarded with messages telling them to “take a joke” “get over themselves” and tons of other asinine comments from the blog’s diehard fandom.
The fandom for Ask Molestia is so ravenous and large that when the blog WAS taken down by Tumblr staff they managed to bombard them with enough messages and complaints to bring the blog back.
Just let that little tidbit sink in for a while.
You got it in your head yet?
Feel a little dead inside?
Okay good.
At any rate, most of those who opposed the blog went quiet for a bit, stating their disdain every so often but never actively waging a campaign against the blog.
It’s only until recently that someone had enough courage to say “fuck’em” and decided to rally others to speak out. Thus Down With Molestia was born.
And even NOW people who are for the movement are too afraid to voice their support due to having been harassed by fans in the past. They see others getting anon hate and rape apologists who are telling people to “take a fucking joke.”
Keeping it quiet, forcing others to do the same, telling you to “get over it,” these are all things that rape culture has been enforcing.
However keeping quiet about it won’t stop it and I can assure you that it will not make you feel better about anything.
Speak up against it. 
And never let anyone silence you.

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