Straight outta Black Mesa: Gordon Freemane.

I was planning to do one video game character a month, but have been slacking off due to conventions and commissions.

Hopefully now I can get back to doing that.

Who’s next? I have no idea!

Friendship begins in five.

So, this was a commission that took forever.

RED Fluttermedic up for sale over at my Etsy.

RED Pinkie Pyro is still there as well.

Next up will be RED Twilight Sniper and maybe another pony, but after that I will be done with the RED team and will move on to other customs.

Have another Engie AJ up for grabs on my Etsy!

This time in RED.

Big Macintosh custom all done up and ready for sale.



"The Doctor, m’am. Just ‘The Doctor.’"