Dog Fortress 2: Offence Classes!

American Scouthound (American Foxhound) - American Sollybull (American Pitbull) - Pyromatian (Dalmatian)

Next Up - Support

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bleeding meme - mouth
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Come on Miss Pauling, only 364 days until your next day off…
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"Ch3wKaiju over on reddit has noticed something that no-one else seemed to have reported on. There are a bunch of new TF2 busts with interchangeable hats in a cabinet. No news on who the cabinet belongs too or how the hats work so speculation ensues.”
KritzKast #233: The Heavy has a triangular head
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Saving Miss Pauling
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what do friends do, miss pauling? (this is my new fav tf2 sfm omg)

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Archimedes and Red Army Robin
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how to be a heartbreaker

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