it is the year 3015, a lone weaboo weakly whispers from the rubble of the 3rd nuclear apocalypse, ”i think usagi tsukino is white because she is blonde”. I awaken from my cryogenic sleep because they are wrong and i need to stop them

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I took a candid shot of my brothers and they came out looking like an indie band album cover

Sometimes my dog likes to get on my chair and ask for a snack

Sometimes the stupid lil’ shit forgets gravity and drops it

Sometimes we’re left to sit and ponder our decisions


"let it go! let it g-"


"can’t hold it back anym-"


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Taking a selfie proves to be difficult with an overly affectionate pup.

check out my hot new effie trinket cosplay

The life and times of Chiquis Yañez.

She may be a lil’ shit but she’s MY lil’ shit.

so i started packing up my room