Adventure time be knowing

Well, damn

Adventure Time keepin’ shit real

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Lorena Alvarez.

The captivating illustrations of Lorena Alvarez:

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I just noticed, after i finished these, that i made them cmyk hah

pls dont mind the shoddy work on the type design

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Fiona Redesign Concept by RyomaNinja
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i rewatched what was missing today \:^)
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Adventure Time: Candy Capers 6 cover. Brush and ink, photohop.
Candy Capers #6 comes out today! THE VERY LAST ISSUE!! I cannot thank everyone enough for following this series, Ananth and I had a blast writing it and we are really proud of how it came out.
A million thanks to artist Ian, letterer Hannah, colorist Maarta, and our editor Shannon. You guys are SO AMAZING, it’s been such a pleasure to work with all of you!
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Check out these trays Cartoon Network gave us for Christmas! Finally I can start entertaining guests with trays full of Jollibee.

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