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I like a lot of things. And I really like it when things I like crossover with other things I like.

Notes For Later

A collection of posts used for tutorials, references, and a plethora of useful things.


A lot of things inspire me and I like to keep track of these things. Said inspirations can range anywhere from gorgeous art to cheesy music from the 80’s

In fact, so many things inspire me that they have stemmed off into their own subcategories.

Inspiration: Art

Inspiration: Fashion

Inspiration: Story

Inspiration: Words


Food is awesome.


My precious, precious waifus.


My precious, precious husbandos.


Drawings and sketches that I drew that aren’t quite good enough to be featured in my art tag.

Sadie is Dead

My ongoing comic about a girl that is not quite dead.

My Monsters

A myriad of monsters and beastly things that I’ve drawn up for various stories.


Stuff that’ll spook your guts out!

Kawaii Shit

Shit’s that’s kawaii.


it’s rad.

Other tags that appear frequently on my blog:

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